Automating GitHub

In Safer GitHub Setup, we restricted access to multiple operations in GitHub: Creating users can be done by owners, and we have few of those. Managing teams also requires owners privileges. Creating repositories is impossible for regular users. This is where the GitHub Terraform Provider comes in.

Safer GitHub Setup

Most companies now make software, and many of them use GitHub. This article covers the main controls to implement on GitHub - but you’ll find that most of these have equivalents on platforms such as GitLab or BitBucket. Legend Description Label Everyone should do this 🍩 Slight need for increased security 🌯 For those that will operate infra supporting systems that are critical 🌢 Recommendations that require the Enterprise version πŸ’° Authentication Authentication is the lynchpin of security on SaaS applications such as GitHub.

Buying your first domain

TLDR Buy a domain on a trusted top-level domain, using an email with multi-factor authentication (MFA). On the registrar and domain, enable MFA, turn on transfer lock and domain privacy on the domain until you get corporate mailing and email addresses. Buying your first domain As a brand new company, you’re going to need a domain name rapidly.

Simulating Ransomware with Ransomulator

Ransomulator is a tool for BloodHound. BloodHound is an open source tool that uses the power of graph databases to help attackers and defenders determine how their Active Directory environments could be compromised. Traditionally used by red teams, it’s a tool that blue teams should leverage extensively.